Not only do Chicagoans do food right, we also host some of the greatest festivals in the world. As we all know this upcoming week is our hottest festival: Lollapalooza. To celebrate the 25th anniversary, Chicago decided to expand the three day celebration to four days! Since the heat wave doesn’t seem to be leaving anytime soon, Tank Noodle decided to come up with a few survival ideas for staying full of energy at Lollapalooza.

HYDRATE: We know this sounds like common sense, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of Lollapalooza goers that forget this simple step. It is way too hot to get away with boozing all day without drinking some H2O.

FUEL UP: It is the middle of the summer… mid heat wave. Do not miss out on staying energized all day long! EAT! Chow Town is perfect to get a little taste of Chicago while listening to your favorite artists. Tank Noodle will be serving Sriracha Fries with Chicken, Bahn Mi, Vermicelli Noodles and Egg Rolls. 

APP NOT MAP: It is 2016. Download the Lollapalooza app to keep track of your music schedule, set times, special deals or any other update for the festival. And speaking of phones, put yours on airplane mode when you aren’t using it to conserve battery for those amazing Instagram photos. But just in case you are a little bit old fashioned, we have attached the map of the festival here.

CUTE CAN BE COMFY: Fashion is always a sight to see at music festivals and we hear Chicagoans are going all out for the 25th anniversary of Lollapalooza. The key to a perfect festival outfit is comfortable shoes. Nothing is worse than having blisters to walk on all day long. Skip the pain and wear some comfortable shoes to fully enjoy the experience.

GAME PLAN: With over 300,000 people attending this event it is beyond important to plan ahead with your group. If you get separated it is always easier to meet at the designated area than to play phone tag. Maybe you can all meet at Tank Noodle's stand if the plan falls apart and while you wait for your friends you can grab some Sriracha Fries with Chicken.

PONCHO: Lesson learned. Last year at lollapalooza the rain shocked us all! This year we will be prepared with all of our rain gear, we hope you are too. If you don’t mind being wet, at least save your Tank Noodle egg rolls from getting soggy!

FANNY PACK: Forget the anxiety about which pocket you put what in, grab a fanny pack and let loose!

ENJOY THE EXPERIENCE: This is a festival unlike any other. With Chicago’s skyline, the variety of people, and the best music of the year, this is a festival you’ll never forget! Be sure to put the phone down, eat at the amazing Tank Noodle, and of course dance with all of your friends. Four days of an incredibly diverse music world surrounded , this is one for the books.